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21-Mar-2020 00:08

But before he fades out of the rap game, he's got one more album to drop: Purple Haze 2.

Cam's so-called retirement album, Purple Haze 2 is allegedly slated to arrive this fall.

"Everybody knows the usual suspects when it comes to me, the people I rap with or the people I always shout out," Cam explained.

"This is giving me a chance to shout out some of the people I never have. It's kind of the story behind the story." Below, meet the teenage sweetheart who kept him clothed, the basketball coach who kept him focused, the record execs who were first to sign him, and his petty cousin "Joe." Toy Dawkins: "That's my son's mother. During my teenage years, when I really wasn't doing that well financially, she helped out a lot.

Mod Fam’s three households are all convening in Florida to be together with grandpa and Phil.As this journey begins, it’s very important to Alex you don’t forget she shared a very special connection with her grandmother. Claire, ready to be there for Phil, gets shafted as Phil embraces his beloved neck pillow.