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For the first time in the series, Grand Theft Auto IV features "morality choices" in several points of the game, in which the player is forced to choose between killing or sparing a character, or killing one of two characters.In some of these situations the player can choose to carry out execution-style killings, which are played out as cut scenes.The game also has two possible endings, which is determined by a decision the player makes with the main antagonist towards the conclusion of the storyline: Revenge or Deal.Each choice affects the missions the player can partake and the fate of some characters. Niko witnessed many atrocities and war crimes, including a number of children lined up against a church wall, each with their throats slit and hands cut off.The storyline focuses on Luis' efforts to help Prince, who is owner of the two largest nightclubs in Liberty City and a high-status socialite, overcome several issues, including drugs, debt, mafia families and attempts on both of their lives.The story also ties up loose ends in regards to the infamous diamond deal of Grand Theft Auto IV.It’s worth taking the time to type these sites into your character’s mobile phone.

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You are introduced to two girlfriends and can use dating websites to find three others. Girlfriends and the dating system in GTA IV are used during the story. If you're tired of taking Roman on man dates, it's time to wash the blood off your Sunday best and take on the opposite sex.None Kate is the younger sister of Packie Mc Reary who will tell Niko to take her out after the mission "Waste Not Want Knots".

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Depending on choices made near the end of the game, you may not be able to date her forever.It is the fourth expansion pack in the Grand Theft Auto series and the 14th release on the series.