Fun dating games for teenage girls online

17-Nov-2019 01:56

You can take care of pets by feeding them, and making them feel better, or you can babysit some naughty little girls.

You can also take care of the poor little dogs in the shelter, and help nurse them back to health.

If you're confused of your feelings, this Love Tester can help you out! Anna, Rapunzel and Snow White cannot decide how to spend the day: play snowballs, go ice-skating or stay home a cup of hot cocoa. Sarah had a big night planned out with her BFF's but her mom has called and asked Sarah to babysit her little sister, Baby Emma. Now Sarah has a night of watching films, eating cookies and ma...

Write your name and your crush's name, then you'll find out if it's true love or friendship! It's a beautiful summer day, and it's time to go to the pool with Audrey, Jessie, and Victoria! Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself and allows you to choose from some amazing pictures that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Looks like Twilight Sparkle and Flash can not have a moment of peace when they are together.

You'll join the wonderful quest for beauty in the kingdom of fabulousness and become a real fashion goddess. Cook your way into a fun time by learning how to prepare the most delicious works of savory art, by following the recipes from all our interactive cooking games.

Combine them with the amazing decoration games and sprinkles of love and you'll become a fancy chef that makes the most delightful and mouth watering dishes.

Have you ever cared for a poor animal, children, or even a baby before in a girl game?

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Easter is coming and our favorite Frozen sisters are getting ready for a fun holiday. First you have to help them get dressed in spring outfits. Rapunzel is now a mommy and she is planning to do some decorating today. Pick your favorite drawing and use bright colors to turn the characters into a work of art. Sarah has landed her dream job of working at a trendy fashion studio. Help Brianna get ready by choosing comfortable and cute outfits for her! This yummy pastry originates from Europe and tastes amazing! Brianna asked her friends out for a cycling trip and they are going to join her after a while.Popular Teen Dating Makeover is a free game for girl to play online at Ma Fa. You can play Popular Teen Dating Makeover in your browser for free. There's a lot of peer pressure and the effort of being popular and fashionable can be kinda tiring.

However, this pretty lady makes it seem so easy to be super likeable.

For those of you lovely girls who adore taking care of the most adorable creatures in the world, our cute caring games are a perfect practice for taking care, loving and spoiling the big-eyed munchkins.

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