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I realize she has a lot on her plate and is probably doing the best she can. If you think I lack the patience or mobility to wrangle all four (it’s OK to say that to my face! I will not look at you funny when you do things differently from the way I used to, as if the criticism is throwing itself against my pursed lips in a death-struggle to get out.

However, I have friends who are blessed to talk to their daughters almost every day. Because if my two choices are to be included or to be right, I’ll take included, thanks. ), then I’ll recruit a fellow-grandma friend and we’ll team-baby-sit our grandkids on alternate weeks. I will not bring junk foods you’ve banned, even if I secretly think you’re being uptight.

Let her know that you actually do expect her to behave differently than usual while at your wedding. I don’t have any evidence to suggest that he has lied specifically to me, but I have seen him lie to other people.

Don’t hand her a microphone during the speech-making. He lies to his ex (with whom he has two children) in front of me.

My parents have talked to her about her behavior, and nothing has changed. I called my grandmother and told her that I want to invite her to the wedding, but that I’m worried about her upsetting other guests.

She laughed, and told me, “That’s just who I am, can’t change now,” and made it clear that she expects to be invited. — Future Groom Dear Groom: Your blow-hard granny has thrown down the gauntlet by declaring her intention to offend others.

You deliver the check before or after the vote, not during it, and damn sure not on the floor of the senate with God and the Associated Press watching.

Make your own website and share your hobbies with others. If you want to know how to make your own website for free, with no technical knowledge necessary, or if you want to create a free blog, you have come to the right place.Dear Amy: My boyfriend and I (we’re gay) recently decided to get married, but my fiance and various family members are suggesting that we exclude my 92-year-old grandmother from the wedding. She says offensive and hurtful comments to everyone to elicit a reaction, regardless of the setting or situation.She loves to call people “fat” or “dumb,” uses female pronouns for my fiance and me, and (our favorite) -- lights cigarettes indoors or in a global singles community that provides you with advanced features you won't find on most internet dating websites.

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She’s very “with it” and according to her doctors, exhibits no signs of senility.

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