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You can create one-time and recurring bills to assign expenses to any property or general ledger account code.With all of the accounting data stored in App Folio you can track the current budget and compare to actual income and expenses for each property.It is assumed that every tenant benefits from a clean environment, and should share in that cost.An example of a CAM that is charged to only a subset of tenants might be the charges for cleaning the food court area, where all of the vendors in the court collectively cover the higher cost of cleaning the tables on a frequent schedule.With Annotator, you can maximize your creativity and fully utilize the potential of your interactive whiteboard.With its simple, easy-to-understand tools, no one will have any problem using the IPEVO Annotator – not even young students.Anyone can start enjoying the fun and excitement of drawing and annotating onscreen in just 3 simple steps.First, tap (with the IS-01 or IW2 Interactive Pen) or click (using your mouse) on the Annotator icon to start it up. Lastly, choose the color and size of your brush pen. With IPEVO Annotator, your ideas become reality faster.

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A common example of a CAM item is the cost of cleaning the walkways in a shopping mall. We know it and educators know it, and that's why we created IPEVO Annotator.

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