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19-Feb-2020 20:52

To celebrate the great underground’s idiosyncrasies, they started tweeting at @tube_boob to capture some classic tubetastic moments and taboos.

Here they look at the likeliness of meeting the love of your life on the Tube…

The recipient will only receive your Spark once you have parted ways, saving any potential embarrassment and allowing you to maintain a certain air of mystery.

CEO Dave Marsden, 24, who co-founded the app with Gabriel Sharp, 25, hopes Spark will help people to forge connections with potential suitors that might otherwise be missed.

A new dating app that aims to connect lonely hearts in places such as the Tube has just launched and claims to be able to change the way we date, at least in places where we can't get a phone signal.

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Yes, your Tube crush will need to be signed up to the app too, so its usability ultimately depends on how many people create an account.

But the article refers to the system of phones and pneumatic tubes at each table as the Resi’s “big lure.” Phones were fixed to individual tables, and above many was a lighted number.

Singles needed only to look around the room until a fetching stranger caught their eye, note the number, and then direct a message to that table.

‘I often wonder how often people might unknowingly be travelling in the same Tube carriage as their soulmate. The London Underground carries a whopping 1.1 billion passengers a year, or four million a day, most of them busy avoiding any hint of interaction with anyone else.

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Yet it’s covered in ads for dating websites – asking us to sign up, log in, wink, browse your best-matched people, attend dire singles events and such like.

So I was thinking what the top tips are I would give to flirting in an environment like this: There’s a recurring theme of clients asking us: “I don’t know what to say? Also, guys aren’t as good at picking up on signals as women.