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07-Feb-2020 13:26

The singer, who's no stranger to stepping outside of the box and also switching up her strands on the regular, teased her crafty look on Instagram before taping the show yesterday with the caption: "πŸ‘€ KEEPING THAT 8th EYE OPEN." Janelle then posted a video next to her hairstylist Nikki Nelms (or as her Insta bio states: "Hair Mac Gyver" β€” I'd have to agree) responsible for the πŸ‘€ look, saying, "I see you.

All these eyes around my head, I see you." I called up the hair-gician, who told she "loves finding more than one purpose for things," and that she's obsessed with Michael's arts and crafts store.

These pilots for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration battle severe turbulence as their WP-3D Orion flies right into the evil eye of Hurricane Matthew. Tim Gallagher and his co-pilot grasp their their yokes while a third crew member holds onto the throttle as the loud aircraft is battered by wind and rain – before entering the eerie calm of the eye.

β€œThe crew just returned from a very turbulent flight into the powerful #Hurricane Matthew on WP-3D Orion #NOAA43.

Each Hurricane Hunter team includes two pilots, flight engineers, a navigator and a flight director, who runs the science mission."I could literally hang out there for hours," she said.