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A string of hits and the proceeds from a multi-million selling song called Telstar had afforded him the opportunity to set up his own label and he was determined to develop his sound along the lines of what he regarded as his very unique ability to create what the populace wanted to hear.

Unfortunately, it seems that Joe was a little out of touch with reality and after being conned out of the proceeds of Telstar, he retreated to a formidably unhomely studio he had built in a dingy flat, accumulating odd sounds that might contribute to his masterpiece. Geoff Goddard, his fellow spiritualist and part-time collaborator/hitmaker, believed as Joe did: that part of the inspiration and success they found came from beyond the grave in messages they received during seances.

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He communicated his ideas for the album through recordings of himself humming the tunes and playing out the rhythms by tapping a spoon on a plate.

Unfortuneatly, Joe was completely tone deaf and blessed with absolutely no music ability to speak of.

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