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I was very aware that I was picking a profession that’s going to be difficult gender wise.

Did it ever stop me from thinking that I wanted to pursue it? That’s never been the kind of person I am, or the kind of family I’ve grown up in.

We were a small team of a DOP (Snorre Ruge), a set designer (Marie Boye), a producer (Camilla Agerskov) and me with the same desire to make something unique and fun for this great tune.

Lurer på hvor lenge det kan spores om man har blitt dopet ned?

So it was like ok I’m a girl, fine, now let’s move on.

Erste banka ima dugu tradiciju donatorskog i društveno odgovornog poslovanja (DOP) te na taj način podržava i potiče različite segmente društva.

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In an exclusive and candid chat with The Quint, Priya talks about what a dream it was to work with Akshay Kumar and that there’s no such thing as a ‘physical’ or ‘masculine’ film. Airlift has truly been one of the most incredible experiences.Live Support Software is designed specifically to leverage processes involving live help and live chat support.Colombian duo Bomba Estéreo have premiered their brand new music video, and it’s one of our favourite videos of the year!Banka podržava širok spektar humanitarnih i obrazovnih, ali i kulturnih i sportskih institucija širom Hrvatske, uzimajući u obzir specifične regionalne karakteristike i lokalne potrebe u društvu.

Porezni kodeks utvrđuje odnos Erste banke prema poreznim pitanjima i poreznom riziku, te uspostavlja načela, odnosno „porezna pravila ponašanja“, koja svi zaposlenici Banke trebaju poštivati prilikom izvršavanja svojih radnih zadaća.Kako bi molba za donaciju ili sponzorstvo bila razmotrena, potrebno je ispuniti priloženi zahtjev za dodjelu sponzorstva ili donacije te isti poslati elektroničkim putem na e-mail adresu ili putem pošte.