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23-Mar-2020 01:38

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Drake got a chance to remember where it all began on Wednesday night as he reunited with his former television co-stars Mazin Elsadig, Daniel Clark, Adam Ruggiero and Lauren Collins at the screening of We Are Disorderly in Toronto.

Back in the day: Now the 28-year-old is a multi-millionaire with more hit records than you can poke a stick at, but rewind a decade he was teen actor Aubrey Graham playing Jimmy Brooks on the popular reboot The rapper - who had been in town for his famed OVO Fest - posed up for a television school photograph with Daniel who played Sean Cameron, Adam who starred as Maro Del Rossi and Lauren who was Paige Michalchu.

But by season four, which debuted last Friday, Yael no longer identifies as female, or any gender at all.

At the season’s emotional midpoint, “#Facts Only,” Yael realizes that they’re gender nonbinary, making them , which has held a strong record of queer representation dating back to its first generation, introduced its first transgender character in Adam Torres, pushing the series further toward visibility for LGBTQ groups that are traditionally scarce on television.

We discussed Degrassi’s move to Netflix, Triles, horseback riding and space. When I booked Degrassi and everything that I’ve booked before then, that’s just been completely through auditioning and some luck, I guess. ” I was like, “Oh sure, I’ve never done one before. ” I was like, “Yeah, I am.” I couldn’t say no at that point, that would be embarrassing. It was four months later that I had the audition for Tristan. I don’t even remember a time where I couldn’t ride a horse or didn’t know how. I like it and people seem to comment on it that they like it too so I think I might keep it.

I ran upstairs and said to my mom, “I want to be a singer.” Then I went to sleep, woke up the next morning and was like, “Never mind, I want to be an actor.” (laughs). I was ten years old and I remember the moment it just popped into my head randomly. I did some other little kid shows, and then I was like, “Okay voice acting’s fine, but I don’t really want to audition for voice acting anymore because I keep booking them and that’s great, but I want to do live action.”I had actually auditioned for a different character months before. I told a lot of my friends about it when I was doing horse shows at horse camp. I made my theme a galaxy and I was platinum blonde so it made sense to call it Platinum Galaxy.

I was sitting downstairs watching a music video and the idea just dropped into my head.

I had a call back and then I heard two days after the call back that I’d booked it! All I remember about the audition scene was I was complaining about the cafeteria. I don’t really remember the character description or what they had him named before. That it was for that character, but I couldn’t tell just from the character description or from what I remember. It’s just kind of natural progression that I hopped on a horse and just have always known how to ride. I didn’t even realize how lucky I was to be able to ride horses and have so many. It was my choice but I kind of made it seem like it was their choice so I could keep it.

Her style was on point, she was full of sass, and, yes, often said "hon" to her peers.

I think it would be a lot more difficult to go from jet black to platinum blonde. My favorite Tristan story line is in Next Class so I can’t really say it. I tried to watch it when it was on TV the other day. I don’t care, it’s cool.” Now I’m like, “No, I can’t watch my old episodes! I’ve grown a lot as an actor and as a person in general.’s member base quality is exceptional and boasts millionaires, models and professional businessmen and women who are interested in a quality approach to modern online dating.… continue reading »

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