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And therein lies the contradiction which is demonstrated through the death of Mc Guinness like no other.He will be remembered as a likeable man, who did some despicable things in the first half of his life and who redeemed himself somewhat during the latter part.I'm one of those people who think that speaking ill of the dead is not particularly helpful.However, I am not a hypocrite and I don't believe in glossing over history when someone does pass away.His legacy will be unpicked for the history books and there is no doubting his contribution to the peace process and in relationships with once-arch enemies, who now speak fondly of him.It is incredibly sad that those types of friendships were not forged long before, because, had they been, it might have saved heartache for many families touched by the dark hand of what has become known as the "Troubles".The fate of live American POWs in World War II was comparatively easy to establish, because the Japanese were vanquished, they surrendered unconditionally, and virtually all the territory they had occupied came under American or allied control.

The art of the tease is on everyone's lips; with a rising interest in burlesque, cabaret clubs are in full swing and new acts are cropping up every week.At Playful Promises we just adore a bit of cheek, and would love to introduce you to our favourite burly girls, past and present!

*sigh* Hindi ko na ikukwento, baka napatid na si ate sa pagkukwento ko tungkol sa kanya. Utuin ang sariling ok lang hanggang sa ang mismong mundo na ang maniwala, the least you know it, nawala na ang problema. (I even debated with myself with the thought of not mentioning the school but since it has made its way to the national news, I forgave myself) Further, I might be tagged as someone who wants to boost my stats or just another opinionated blogger whose overflowing with self-proclaimed ‘wisdom’. From reading too much Well, it only proves how primitive our minds are. Right now, as to the legal aspects of this case would cover, I would leave that to the experts. _______________ To clear things: I am not a USJR student. They’re lucky they did not have the same father as I have. … continue reading »

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