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24-Sep-2019 01:44

She readily admits having a love/hate relationship with online dating! We asked our ‘Date Whisperer’ Dani to give us a quick summary about the kind of people who attend speed dating events.

Dani has personally introduced over 42,000 singles at dating events over the last decade, so she knows exactly what singles events are like and what kind of crowds they draw in.

For most of us that journey encounters various topographical challenges - hills, rivers, crossroads; some of these are of our own making; some are not and it's at times like these that we can benefit from exploring the choices open to us with someone who's trained to tease out the issues.

It's often that vocalisation of how we're feeling that can set us back on the right track. It is a holistic profession where every client is accepted as the special individual that they truly are.

A kick-start-your-dating consultation with the UK’s number one dating mentor, Mary Balfour or a member of her team …

Let Mary help you make the most of your dating opportunities.

In short after a seminar you will be a much better date, and much more confident with using your new skills.

Perhaps your dipping your toes in the water after a dating free few months or years.

Being a typical girl, I will openly admit that I have had a shameless scroll on Facebook; whether it’s looking at a prospective date, searching for that old school crush or (perhaps the worst of them all) looking at the profile of someone I used to date. We asked our ‘Date Whisperer’ Dani to give us a quick summary about what to talk about during a speed date or first date.

With an American study from Western University showing... With more than 11 years of experience, Dani has done plenty of talking to singles and never runs out of things to chat about.

I’m super excited to have been asked by these ladies, who I admire a lot and have worked with closely for some time, to be a guest speaker at their upcoming workshops ‘Four Simple Steps into Dating’.

I am going to be talking about how to focus your search for love so you’re a) looking in the right place b) understand what you are truly looking for c) help you understand where you have gone wrong in the past and finally what you can do to turn it all around and find your special someone.That's why, as a caring organisation, we offer personal coaching and regular workshops to make sure that: RSVP's Dating Coach writes...

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