Dating sites for comic book geeks

19-Feb-2020 00:12

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"--Tara Bennett, co-author of "Fringe: September's Notebook "and "LOST Encyclopedia""["The Geek's Guide to Dating"] offers serious advice for getting a girl and knowing how to keep her...a perfect stocking stuffer!"--Anna Jedrziewski, "Retailing Insight" "If dating seems more like a dismal game of Frogger instead of a fun Zelda adventure, you need to read "The Geek's Guide to Dating" by Eric Smith!This year looks to be even bigger, with guests like pro wrestler Hulk Hogan, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, actor Ron Perlman, and cast members from Firefly, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time and The Princess Bride, among many others. Coming to Terms It’s a more intimate way of getting to know others: “If you came up to me and said you were gay, I would greet you as I would any other individual.If you said that you were a gay geek, then I might instantly seek out your geek interests and search for a common interest that we could then dive into.”Digging into gay geek passions is why Pittard and four others cofounded the podcast Flame On!

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“This stuff is big business,” says Bryan Pittard, a cofounder of Flame On! Mega Con is expected to generate million for the local economy. However, the community has definitely made its presence known, growing in visibility over the years.