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(This is not, however, due to a lack of access to colorful dyes, which were, and are, quite plentiful and readily available throughout Scotland.) White, striped and single-color plaids were also common.In earlier periods, sheep and goat skins seem also to have been worn as mantles, both with and without the hair still attached.When Marcel Boucher died in 1965, his wife, Sandra, took over the company.In 1972, the company became a subsidiary of watchmaker Dovorn Industries.Whereas the Irish began to wear clothing that more closely resembles that of the common English peasantry, the Scottish Highlanders adopted and kept several forms of clothing such as the bonnet and plaid, both of which were originally worn in the Lowlands and then migrated into the Highlands, where they developed their own distinct forms.Moreover, checkered cloth, which was worn to some extent in Celtic cultures throughout history (usually as simple checks and two-color patterns), becomes highly developed, and a multitude of patterns can be found in the portraits of Highland chiefs and their followers dating from the middle of the 1600s onward.In the 1930s, he took a job with Mazer Bros., where he worked until he founded his own company in 1937.Boucher made a name for himself creating bold, imaginative, enameled pieces that were individual works of art, with brooches shaped like fruits, animals, and human figures.

See my discussion of this subject on the 'Myths and Tips' page.) This is not to say that clothing in the Scottish Highlands was completely unique and separate from that worn in the Lowlands or in England -- you can certainly see that elements of clothing common throughout Europe made their way into the Highlands too, particularly in the styles of men's jackets.

Clan tartans are a relatively recent innovation, due to renewed interest in Scottish heritage in the early 1800s, when the laws against the wearing of kilts and tartans were lifted.

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It is hard to emphasize enough the lack of information about clothing in the Scottish Highlands until the middle of the 1600s, but around the late 1500s to early 1600s, Scottish Highland clothing became more distinct from Irish clothing of the same period.

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