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18-Mar-2020 12:37

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Like every mother, we want to hear that our kids are awesome and it’s nice for someone to notice. Here’s some examples: These are just a few simple suggestions that will make a tremendous difference in the life of moms of children with autism. We’re moms just like you, and like all moms, we love to talk about our kids – even the ones with autism.

Lately, I’ve noticed a pattern of serial romantic relationships among friends who are dating online.

All of the family, friends, co-workers and even strangers who approach parents of children on the autism spectrum with words that really should never have left their mouths in the first place.

So, in the spirit of National Autism Awareness Month, some of my friends and clients who have children on the autism spectrum decided to brainstorm a list of statements they wish people would and wouldn’t say. Don’t say: “Is your child an artistic or musical genius? ” We’ve all seen “Rain Man” and know about the extraordinary artistic and musical gifts that some individuals on the autism spectrum possess.

Unless you’re the parents of a child on the spectrum, you don’t really know just how much there is to handle.

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Feel free to step it up and make sure to invite the child to your kiddo’s birthday party. Many dread what they’re going to read in the school agenda and worry that every time the phone rings it will be the school reporting yet another “incident”.

But the truth is that most on the spectrum do not have these gifts.