Dating on couchsurfing

17-Oct-2019 00:17

The house was in the middle of nowhere, between two small villages. Couchsurfing with him was one of the most emotionally confusing situations I have ever experienced.

I had no sense of the direction we drove in since it was night time, and I had been on a bus for thirteen hours. He was clearly depressed about a lack of work, the economic situation in Spain, and also the lack of girlfriend.

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Members searching for lodging or a meeting can search for other members using several parameters such as location, age, gender, interests, availability to host, type of lodging offered (if any), and languages spoken, and then send messages to the members with whom they want to stay or meet.I wasn’t exactly taking notes or plotting escape routes. It took me three or four days to feel comfortable with José. At one point he demanded of me in a very sudden and awkward way: “Let me love you! I was a traveler, not looking for a boyfriend or for love, maybe just a fling.