Dating mxr distortion pedal my dating blog

08-Jun-2020 17:02

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CTS pots, a Carling Switch, and Switchcraft jacks are all part of the exceptional build quality of this vintage styled pedal.

The MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45 is a two-stage phaser, with a subtle and ultra musical voicing, that will not overpower your tone, but will add just enough texture to color your guitar and amp's sound.

Since then, there have been many, many different versions of this type of circuit.

Let’s take a look at it a bit closer; there are a great many mods that can be done to turn it into a tone monster.

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Here''s the stock circuit: The signal enters where C1 and C2 intersect.

C1 is a low pass filter, throwing some highs to ground pre-clipping.

If you are looking for large amounts of gain, this bad boy delivers that in abundance. On the contrary, it is very controllable and easy to work with.

The pedal offers a lot of range, which is something you have to appreciate.When it comes to distortions and overdrives in general, there were certain pedals which had a massive impact on the industry.

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