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The Fan Area Historic District is a large late 19th and early 20th-century residential neighborhood west of Richmond’s downtown commercial district. 1890-1930, a period of general economic prosperity for the City of Richmond and one of gradual westward expansion from its commercial center.The neighborhood is unquestionably one of the city’s greatest cultural and architectural assets.Christopher Morley, a nonpareil perambulator, and a writer who could turn a phrase with the athleticism and grace of a figure skater hitting a triple axel, wrote the following in a 1918 essay entitled Sauntering: "I love to annotate the phenomena of the city.I can be as solitary in a city street as ever Thoreau was in Walden.The citys Dutch colonial origin and heritage is reflected in the colourful historic buildings and in the town lay-out of the inner citys four historic districts known as Punda (17th century), Otrobanda (18th century), Pietermaai and Scharloo (both 19th century).Each with an expression of its own, the distinct historic townscapes of Historic Willemstads districts turn the city itself into a colourful and lively reference book of its architectural and urban history both for the city stroller and the visitor.

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It's apropos, therefore, that one of the great — as-yet-unrediscovered — American authors lived on the Square.

The best surviving examples are wood frame with clapboard exteriors.