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God answered my plea in a surprising way by asking me to scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is my favorite hobby, but I rarely make time for it anymore.

Participants have an opportunity to observe others and to be observed. Participants then put on an appropriate role in relationship to their own self image and their image of the other participants. The normal structure of getting acquainted would take too long and perhaps create a set relationships that was not appropriate to the meeting or program. The role of the facilitator is established during the ice breaker. The role of the participant is created during the ice breaker. The room in which the course or program is established as a meeting space. The participants are enabled to establish initial relationships appropriate to the program. The style of the ice breaker informs the participants what kind of program they will be participating in. The ice breaker creates images of what kind of program is being facilitated, what is important in the program and what kinds of roles are expected from the participants. The content of the program is suggested by the content of the ice breaker. The style of the facilitator in leading an ice breaker is to enable the participants to relax to feel at ease with the task at hand. In general, the style of the facilitator is one of respect for the group and the individuals in it. Jenkins Imaginal Training Groningen, The Netherlands See The International Facilitator's Companion, The Social Processes, The Innovation Workshop and The Other World at of 4-6 people, takes about 10 minutes.

Variation: For each group or table at the opening, provide a sheet of paper with the following instructions: Who's At the Table? For each person, enter their name and one characteristic they possess that no one else at the table possesses. Find one thing that everyone at the table has in common (besides this meeting!!! Something that you heard made you want to find out more? What words or images would you use to characterize this group? This conversation takes the group from basic information about themselves, through impressions and some interpretation to some initial implications for what they are gather to do together.

With a Diet Coke in one hand and worship music playing in the background, I stood over my paper and rearranged pictures from my daughter’s birthday party.While he’s in decline, we would still like to see him out there, driving his balls down the careful coiffed fairway.