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It shares features from both the earlier and later models, note in particular the slide plate arrangement and the area at the end of the arm which are the same as the fiddlebase machine. Loewe, 49 Fore Street, London and given the early features we would think this machine was made around 1896. Dating from around 1897 it is a development of the above machine. Although worn the Rose design decals are different from those usually found on Frister & Rossmann machines. There is an additional slide plate and the arm has changed. In 1885, Georg Michael Pfaff opened a sewing machine shop in London. Georg Pfaff, the second son of the founder, took over the management of the company after his father’s death in 1893 and expanded it further with great success.

Where two dates appear in the column below these are the first and last estimated dates for manufacture based on data submitted by owners.

The Company started exporting sewing machines to England circa 1870 appointing an Agent in London to act as Wholesaler. Like so many Companies the production figures for Frister and Rossmann have been lost, another collector - Jenny Sims has set up a data base for Frister and Rossmann machines with the aim of producing dating tables. Manufactured around 1878, there's no Agents name on the badge, round the outer edge it has Frister & Rossmann Shuttle Machine, in the centre of which it has F&R, 28 London Wall, London. The gold Leaf decals are only 60% complete but it is an example of its type, besides we just had to 'save' it! The attachment compartment is in the base instead of a box in the case.

However it wasn't until Hermann Loog took over the Agency from I. Loog remained the Companys Agent until c1896, he was replaced by S. If you have a Frister and Rossmann machine why not email her the Serial No and Agents name? The address should infact read 128 London Wall but the '1' has been oblitorated by the pin fixing the badge in place. It has Mother of Pearl inlay - 2 small "flowers"at the shuttle end and a further 2 with a "shield" in the centre of the bed. We find it interesting that there is a part of the mechanism 'working' outside the case at the back of the thread take up cam.

With the French defeat, the German Empire was proclaimed in January 1871 in the Palace at Versailles, France.

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