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07-Mar-2020 09:09

The site below, under "DATING CONTEMPORARY FENDER AMPLIFIERS", tells how to read the code. The sticker looks like this, and should be inside the cab somewhere.

and both were being made at the same time from 1994 till 1997.

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If you have one enjoy it, they are ok amps when they work!USA Fender wanted to stop the import of these guitars to the USA due to firing up their Mexican plant and due to the “too good” quality Japan was creating which competed with the USA models.Regarding quailty, I have owned many of both these Japanese guitars and it is a fallacy that the than the Mexican made guitars and rival many of the USA models.On some of the early Stratocaster’s it was stamped on the back of the Vibrato Cover Plate.

The Bridge Plate between the Pickup and the Saddles can also have Serial Numbers on some Telecaster’s.Yet if you take the neck off they can be 1994-1997!