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Choice B: A real-world-hot 28-year-old Big Law lawyer (I know, just go with me here) who paid off her school debt by herself in three years, lives alone in a doorman building in Manhattan, is funny and down-to-earth, and runs a small, successful side business selling artisanal cupcakes that she bakes in her spare time. As soon as I asked Stein what he thought of her, he scrunched up his face in consideration. “Hot, even.” “I know.” “She was actually really funny and cool.” “Told you.” “It’s just that…” He cocked his head to the side and started grimacing.“It’s just that she seems…really together, you know? I think we’re maybe in different places.” And there it is. See, it used to be that lady lawyers took a hit in the dating world because the J. badge meant that you were probably too nerdy or “argumentative” or just a puffy, hideous troll.Bottom line, it depends on the individiual's MATURITY, her LOVE AND RESPECT for you.You know those encyclopeadiac law books found in law offices?I never trusted that there was a solid core to law, so I don't know what the fundamental limits are to someone for whom law is a practice and discipline.Some generalizations that make me doubt I'll date a lawyer: Lawyers are often innumerate and proud of it, which makes me embarassed for them.

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For the rest of you guys, though, what are you so afraid of? I mean, really, is it so impossible to believe that a cute, successful woman would be interested in a cute, not-as-successful man? True, we have enough sense and ability to manage to get out of bed every morning and do something productive—or at least lucrative—with our time, but that doesn’t mean that we’re winning any gold medals in the Race to a Perfect Life.

Law school was the easiest of my graduate degrees (but then, I am very verbal and didn't care about my grades).

Lawyers themselves are often contempuous of their career and peers.

But this new strain of rejection dispenses with such frivolity. You’re sexy, funny and charming worked like an animal to get into the best law schools and nab the highest paying jobs in the world’s most elite lawyer factories so you could be financially independent and could pursue a guy for love, not for his ability to support you, but…no dice.

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This time, the hotter you are, the less appealing you become. Turns out, they like you better when you’re more of a disaster. Tell you what, here’s when we’ll think you’re a loser: when you’re a loser.Being Flexible with Their Schedule Having Healthy Conversations Maintaining Your Independence Community Q&A Lawyers have their own way of doing things, and if you’re dating (or plan to date) one, you’ll need to make some adjustments in your life.