Dating during divorce georgia

23-Aug-2019 13:40

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A spouse may also contend that the relationship is preventing reconciliation between you and your spouse.If custody or visitation rights are in issue, dating can interfere with a negotiated settlement or may be used as evidence before the Court as to why custody or visitation should be predicated on perceived conduct during dating.Clients frequently ask whether it is permissible to begin dating after the separation but before the divorce decree has been entered.As a general rule, we recommend that dating be postponed until after the Court has entered a decree of divorce. First, if your spouse has knowledge that you are dating, unexpected feelings of anger and resentment may arise, which make it extremely difficult to negotiate a reasonable settlement out of court. I tell clients all the time that “a pound of flesh will cost you two pounds of money.” Oftentimes, the reaction from one’s spouse comes as a surprise, and the extent of anger, resentment or bitterness is unexplainable.

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Nevertheless, many judges and juries place much weight on this conduct in making determinations of custody, visitation, support, and other such matters.Willful and continued desertion by either of the parties for a period of one year.