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11-Dec-2019 02:44

The 5Cs – cash, car, condo, country club and credit card – are a relic from a bygone era, one in which men tried to impress women solely with their net worth.

The dating landscape has changed and today’s single ladies are no longer just attracted to the original five ‘C’s.

It’s a simple yet extremely effective act and can help you transition to your second, third or fourth date.

Whilst modern women don’t really expect a hero on a white horse to rescue them, chivalry and thoughtfulness is fast becoming an attractive quality to have in today’s dating world.#4 COURTSHIPLet’s face it.

The French city of Strasbourg lies directly west across the Rhine.

Offenburg lies at the mouth of the Kinzig river valley.

Doch neue Spieler wie Tinder machen das Geschäft für die Etablierten kniffliger.

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Den vielen Online-Singlebörsen in Deutschland beschert das Millionen-Umsätze.

If you would rather play around on Tinder and keep options open, don’t blame women for thinking you are a commitment-phobe.#2 CONFIDENCEWant to get women to be attracted to you? Single women are looking for a guy who is truly comfortable in his own skin and who doesn’t feel the need to follow the crowd.

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