Dating batman

01-Jan-2020 09:56

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Bruce Wayne was born to a wealthy family, the son of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne.

Young Bruce would often watch the television adventures of the Gray Ghost with his father, and took many ideas from this show later.

Bruce Wayne very nearly gave up his plan to become a force for justice in the night when he nearly found happiness with Andrea Beaumont.

When Andrea abruptly called off their engagement under mysterious circumstances, however, a heartbroken Bruce dove headfirst onto the path of becoming Batman with renewed vigor.

Batman, otherwise known as Bruce Wayne, was a Gotham City vigilante who rose up to fight gangsters, insane criminals, and eventually even alternate universe despots, metahuman threats, and intergalactic tyrants.

Ben Affleck wasn’t just teasing: Deathstroke will, in fact, be the main antagonist of the Batman standalone movie he’s directing, The Wrap has exclusively learned from an individual with knowledge of the situation.