Dating a yemeni guy

16-Jun-2020 11:02

Girls study in segregated schools in Yemen and have segregated sections in restaurants.

Public universities are mixed, offering a chance to mingle, but many private universities have separate campuses for girls.

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If you're muslim, if should not be that difficult to find a M.

E man but I personally couldn't deal with their culture and I'm not attracted to them at all AM loooove black women, I am black and I've dated a few Arab men.

Islamic law prohibits sexual relations before marriage making dating an unpopular ritual amongst youth.

Dating and communication is turned to a blind eye when the couple is engaged however.

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OMG thanks God, my parents are not dumb and said NO. My parents are from a small muslim country called Comoros, it's an African island part of the Arab world so many of us look black but speak Arabic and marriages between Comorians and Middle easterns or north africans are very very common.

However, some youths are challenging these restrictions, even though doing so invites trouble.

In Yemen’s ultra-conservative society, girls are not even allowed to talk with strangers who are potential suitors except when buying from a male shopkeeper or asking for directions or other information.

My family wants me to marry a Muslim man, and a Jordanian is okay....

They would happily accept a Jordanian, but not a Westerner. I find it disturbing that Middle Eastern men don't like Black women.