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21-Nov-2019 13:55

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The listings below are sorted alphabetically by city name. I'm looking to be a daddy for anyone under age of 25 in England. Can cater to most needs so please feel free to ask questions and requests. Notes: I'm a 22 year old young guy who would like to offer my services into pleasing the older gentlemen. My site I do not change messy diapers.

Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. I'm looking for a daddy who would like to have their own diaper boy. My number is 07901329454 Notes: AB Dreams Nursery is a Wolverhampton ( Midlands UK) based Adult Baby Nursery, which aims to fulfil all your baby dreams. Our aim is to ensure your visit to us is all you hope it will be.

Daddy gives the best huggles and cuddles, everyone feels safe in Daddy's arms. I also like discreet outdoor play and maybe taking my little one out in nappies under their adult clothes, and or changing them in a real baby change room, or one of the new Adult "Changing Rooms", which feel like REAL Big Baby rooms, but are in fact for disabled adults. Have terry nappies and plastic pants and other pants/knickers for big baby girls or can use your own. Very sensitive to your demanding, and complete it's mission perfectly. I do everything change diapers, everything you desire.

Spanks if wanted/needed for naughty little ones, but Daddy prefers positive re-enforcement. I am a very loving caring mummy who will cuddle you, hug you, feed you, read you stories, sing to you, wash you, change you, massage you ;-) ... Contact me on Fetlife: DADDYANDYUK Or on KIK: DADDYANDYUK The kind of things I like with littles are: Bath time, Nappy change time (wet wet or poo poo), dressing my little girl, Giving her a dummy/dodi/paci/pacifier, Feeding baby food and real formula, Play time, Nap time, Cuddle time, Watching a movie cuddled up to daddy, or watching tv relaxing. Notes: French Lovely daddy takes care of baby girls.I even sent her 150 euro by Western Union, but dit not give the MTCN number. Richard (Australia) Report N7 (added on March, 31, 2010) Claire claims to be the offspring of a family that died in a car accident about 2/3 years ago.