Cross references in word 2016 not updating

14-Mar-2020 01:08

The “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word can be very useful, but sometimes it can produce unwanted results.

By turning on “Track Changes”, Word will highlight changes to your document as you make them.

First, however, it will explain what a cross-reference is and how to insert one.

If you already know all that, you can jump immediately to the section that interests you.

I am having problems with a document that uses Word captions and heading styles. However, when I go to print the document (or even print preview), the formatting changes.

Images that I have previously deleted from the document reappear, text that should be a normal style changes to captions (both of these styles are customised), and spaces appear before or after cross-references to figure captions.

cross references in word 2016 not updating-76

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This can be very annoying for people who are reviewing your new document.I believe it has something to do with the captions as the problem also occurs when caption fields are updated.

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