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Some within Rabbinic Judaism are still looking for the Messiah, but they are the exceptions.Messianic Judaism differs in that we rely totally on the Scriptures.The Jewish community must provide a definition of who is to be considered Jewish and negotiate the term to include and exclude the pertinent groups, which often involves excluding Messianic Jews.

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There appeared to be a few hundred in attendance with American and Israeli flags waving side-by-side and news trucks from Channels 5, 7 & 8.As the Messianic Jewish congregational movement itself is still quite young, dating back only to the late 1960s, there has not been exten­sive scholarship in the field.The studies with which I will be primarily concerned are those of Carol Harris-Shapiro, a Recon­structionist rabbi, and Shoshanah Feher, a Jewish sociologist, each of whom published ethnographic works on the Messianic Judaism in the late be their Messiah and Savior while maintaining Jewish observance in both theology and practice.

It is centered mainly in the United States and, to a lesser extent, in Israel.

Worldwide membership of around 100,000 people has been suggested, although the numbers are difficult to estimate.