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Jim Sharp (head writer, 1984–88; executive producer 1992–93): I taught school for three years right out of college. During graduation, they put you in alphabetical order when you line up, or at least they did then. John Keister: I think the one that pushed it over the edge was the parody of Nancy Guppy: I took an acting class at Seattle Central Community College when I was working at Nordstrom, post-college. Jim Sharp: And he wanted to be a writer on the show. I used to have a saying: “If you’re awake, you should be working.” As I look back, it wasn’t the best saying. I think it was Ross who said to him at one point, he said, “Bill, what do you love? That’s what you’re going to focus on, that’s what you are going to do. It was one of those things where they said, “We need you down here now.” So of course you’re going to take it.

And “Sharp” and “Shafer.” I was standing next to Ross Shafer. I didn’t like what I was doing, so I took an acting class simply to do something different. We had to borrow equipment from the news department. You are Bill Nye the Science Guy.” Bill Nye: I was a Big Brother, and I would volunteer at the Pacific Science Center on weekends, as what they called a Science Explainer. “So Bill, you could do that thing you do at the science center.” This is Ross talking. Well, I gotta go.” And he folds up his briefcase and goes to [his AM radio show on] KJR. ” So I went to Hammer Uniform or some costume shop and I got a lab coat, and I had safety glasses from my day job at Sundstrand Data Control. Bill Stainton: He did leave us in the lurch because it was the day before a taping, I think. That said, looking back on it now, he got the gig of a lifetime. Joe Guppy: And he wanted John to be his cohost, like his Ed Mc Mahon. I thought, Well, okay, if they’re going to try people out, okay, I’m going down there.

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The 20 Minute Window by Joe Splendorio (ottercat12)After finally convincing his silky smooth cousin to let him and two buddies tag along one night to learn how to score chicks, Josh learns of this rare opportunity that presents itself to men that have them scratching their heads.

At that time, I had seen Joe’s Off the Wall Players and I ended up meeting him. He’s just getting involved with ; I’m just starting to enter the world of theater and performance. Ross Shafer: I think in the second year we got a new set. Terry Murphy: He was a nerd then and he continues to be a nerd today. What that meant was, “Okay, we need you down here in three days to start your job immediately.” I didn’t realize that that was going to be the case. John Keister: Ross invited me to come down for a couple weeks. Jim Sharp: I ended up with Joan Rivers’s old office.

I was still working at Nordstrom, and whenever they needed another woman—because they had only two other women on staff at that point—he would call me and say, “Hey, can you get off Thursday at 2 to come down to do this shoot and play Ross’s wife? They took us seriously enough to give us a little money for a new set. Bill Nye: I would just do classic science demonstrations dressed up: “Here, jump off of this platform onto a paper bag full of air, and it will cushion your fall like an airbag on a steering wheel.” “Here, hang from this vacuum chamber, and when the air’s let back in, you’ll fall back down.” “Here, let’s blow up bubbles with hydrogen, because they’ll explode.” These are classic kooky things. I had asked KING, Are you going to make me the host? It was this huge office that had all pink furniture and looked right out at the Hollywood sign. John Keister: By the time I came back to KING, they were just furious I had gone down to LA without asking them.

“Welcome to the Golden Globes, one of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote.” Probably a good idea to make as many Trump jokes as possible.

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De Mille Award for life achievement complete with a hoarse voice.I was touring as an opening act for Dionne Warwick and Diana Ross. I was making really good money, so when I found out what they were willing to pay, it was... Pat Cashman (cast, 1986–99): If you look at some of the early Ross Shafer: I would interview two or three guests, and we would insert little comedy segments, live comedy segments. Twenty-two minutes, but it felt like 22 hours for each episode.By the time we completed an episode, we’d look at each other and go, “We have to do this again next week? ” Fortunately, one of the guys I had hired as a head writer, Jim Sharp—whose previous experience was as a history teacher at Port Orchard—was a funny guy. There were really only three stations at that time. So we could afford to suck for the first couple years. was working out this talk show format, the video pieces that John was doing were just outstanding. He was doing some of the most cool, innovative, interesting video stuff. When they weren’t using it, we’d go out and see if we could borrow it to shoot. We’d haul people out of a meeting and say, “We need another person in this sketch. Just walk by and don’t say anything, and then you can go back to your meeting.” Terry Murphy (story producer, Jim Sharp: Bill really had a passion for comedy. Bill Nye (cast, 1986–91): I started doing standup after winning the Steve Martin look-alike contest in 1978. You love science.” And Bill goes, “Yeah.” He goes, “Okay, that’s it.100 pages (Comedy) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Accident Prone by Dale Swaby Rigg, Darren,needs help with a problem of particulars when his former employer then decides to ask Darren to work for him again in a murky world of crime, the story unfolds as a subtle riot, with a brief end so far and lands Darren's crew in a slight pickle, they... (Comedy) html format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Accidental Awakening by Kevin Revie On the way to bury her recently deceased pet, Jane accidentally awakens the dead of a local cemetery, now faced with the responsibility of preventing a zombie apocalypse.

88 pages (Comedy, Horror) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Addiction by Gregory J.

But this time, I have dug a little deeper, and invited into my Portaconfessional Father Ted co-creator and co-writer Arthur Mathews, Fr Jack (Frank Kelly), Fr Dougal (Ardal O’Hanlon), Fr Damo (Joe Rooney), Fr Stone (Michael Redmond), Fr Ziggy (Paul Woodfull), singer and heart-throb Eoin Mc Love (Patrick Mc Donnell) and Terry Mc Namee (Gerard Lee), producer of the TV programme Faith of Our Fathers.

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