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New York on a shoe-string may be playful, adventurous, romantic and fascinating, but never boring.Hire a sitter, grab your honey and explore what the city that never sleeps has to offer. It houses the largest collection of Egyptian art outside of Cairo and almost every piece is currently on display.And don't forget to check out The Anna Wintour Costume Center if you're interested in fashion.Be sure to obey the one cardinal rule - no talking loudly, or else you'll get a big "SHHHH" from the bartender!

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Why You Should Go: It's one of the best and biggest museums in the world.Cost: Each cronut retails for so you can still spring for coffee and keep it under 20 bucks.

Some of these pairs fell in love in high school — or even earlier (Hi, Cory and Topanga!… continue reading »

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