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08-Mar-2020 18:41

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My mom told me that it is, but a couple of my college classmates told me that it isn't? Her parents can step in if they really wanted to be difficult, and then it would be statutory rape here in our wonderful state of CA- Dating is one thing, sex is another I meant alone. BTW, my girlfriend has dumped me since I started this thread. I now know that dating a minor is not legally wrong, but some people may consider it morally wrong. IS IS LEGAL FOR ME TO DATE A 20 YEAR OLD WITH MY PARENTS CONSCENT AND WE DONT HAVE SEX. MY PARENTS KNOW HIM WELL AND HE HAS GOT TO KNOW THEM TO. -Joey Not so fast, as long as you're sleeping easier alone.Labor Commissioner's Office The mission of the California Labor Commissioner's Office is to ensure a just day's pay in every workplace in the State and to promote economic justice through robust enforcement of labor laws.By combating wage theft, protecting workers from retaliation, and educating the public, we put earned wages into workers' pockets and help level the playing field for law-abiding employers.In no case may the regular rate of pay be less than the applicable minimum wage.Ordinarily, the hours to be used in computing the regular rate of pay may not exceed the legal maximum regular hours which, in most cases, is 8 hours per workday, 40 hours per workweek.At the heart of the lawsuit is the golf course known as Bing Maloney and the manager assigned to that course by Morton Golf, Andrew Wilson.Wilson, identified as a former Marine and also named in the suit, has been accused of sexual harassment together with various other violations of California labor employment law, including affronts to regulations that govern meal breaks and payment of overtime.

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As for the sexual harassment allegations, one of the four plaintiffs described the work environment at the California golf course as "incredibly hostile." Allegations against Morton Golf and Wilson include lewd and inappropriate comments, and sexual touching.Overtime is based on the regular rate of pay, which is the compensation you normally earn for the work you perform.

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