Breaking bad dating patterns for men

15-May-2020 05:30

Life has an uncanny way of showing us what we need, regardless of whether we're paying attention or not.From an early age, we learn patterns of behaviour by trial and error, by our personal perceptions of our unique situation, and by watching and imitating the adults in our lives.

Our partners are our mirrors in a manner of speaking; they show us where we're at are emotionally. Even though it might be a familiar place for you to be, if you're not happy and secure for the most part, it's probably not the best relationship for you.

All you’re picking up on is the chemistry, because that chemistry is strong. If you feel an instant click with someone, ask yourself, “Is he similar to my ex? You’re not actually putting yourself out there as much as you would if you had to face the hard reality that he is gone or needs to be gone from your life.

And the only way to face that is to stop talking to him. It can be so nice that we can ignore the fact that there is no excitement in it!

Find a different way to communicate your feelings, one that's kind and more productive.10. Changing a bad relationship habit means you have to realize you're screwing up in the first place.

Get used to paying attention to thoughts, feelings and behaviors about ordinary things before you tackle the harder stuff.11. The truth is, most of our communication is done non-verbally. If your partner's words say, "I don’t care" but tears are falling, what's really going on?

Healthy relationships tend to have a steadier pace, where both partners are present for the journey, using their heads as well as their hearts.

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