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Copyright =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1. Intro =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Hollywood Squares is based on an old TV show were they combined answering questions and tic-tac-toe, this faq has almost all the (outdated) questions and answers for if you want to peek or use the questions yourself to test your knowledge. This legendary comedian was known for his sober, straightfaced look and his distinctive pork-pie hat. When can you tell a young duckling has finally matured? The prologue’s beautifully crafted slide show of archival photographs, showcasing recognizable landmarks such as the Cliff House, horse drawn vehicles sharing the right of way with early trolley cars on Market Street, and turn of the century clad residents, along with Act 1’s historic Victorian era homes known as ‘The Painted Ladies’ of Alamo Square, and Act 2’s fantasy setting inside a glass pavilion based on the famed Conservatory of Flowers, all conspire to create a uniquely San Francisco experience.Each year I vow not to go nuts with Nutcrackers; SFB’s may be the most well known, but it’s only one of many here in the Bay Area, so it’s easy to overdose on so much Tchaikovsky. There is no such thing as too much Tchaikovsky, especially under the baton of Martin West and the award winning SFB Orchestra, as they proved once again on opening night.What makes the city so vast is the miles and miles of densely packed poor neighbourhoods that border the city.Locals call this a peripheria—the periphery—or as margins—the margins.Rajeev Jotwani (CSE '18), Kelsey Knickerbocker (BA '18), Sarah Wood (BBA '18)Pedal Cell - The first consumer-oriented bicycle generator that is both practical, convenient and extremely powerful.Adam Hokin (BBA '19), Rajal Patel (BA '19), Sai Ramesh (BSE '18)Renw - Renw aims to enable users to monetize distributed power generated at their households and use it as an easily transferable payment tool.

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