Anniversaries celebrate while dating

24-Feb-2020 17:24

So basically we celebrated one month, six month, and will celebrate a year next month. Just a general question that I'd be interested in hearing from everybody. And while the stereotype has always been that men forget anniversaries, I'm just wondering to the men: Do anniversaries hold significant to you?Umm..well I never ever did the 2 week, month or any other anniversary like that when I was a kid.After picking Sandra up, Douglas asked her out for a coffee and she said yes.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...) our pages supply details of the symbol or material for the year taken from the traditional or modern anniversary lists.We also have the flowers that are appropriate to the anniversary year and the precious gemstone or metal associated with the year.Kinda pre-school I thought even at that time & nothing against you OP..used to laugh at the kids who thought it was a big deal. I used to celebrate my Anniversary every year cos my husband (at that time) reminded me. I always forget which day I got married and only remember when my ex rings me every year to remind me how many years it woulda been, including the anniversary of the day we met and it reminds me to tell him he was an idiot (I mean it jokingly btw but yep I say it)*shrugs*...

He also can tell me phone numbers of relatives from a decade ago..I dont think anything of it.