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) season on Thursday, once again pitting members of MTV's repertory company of professional fighting boozebags against each other in a series of physical challenges and interpersonal betrayals.The show is trash, of course, but it can be incredibly compelling trash, and since the cast members for each season are pulled from the same slowly-replenishing pool of contestants, is about competition.I'm surprisingly respectful of her decision to match tank tops to frosted lipsticks throughout the episode.Nany taunts Raphy by telling him to "know your role." He gets in a surprisingly good burn: "Your only role is on Johnny's lap." Later, Aneesa sits on Bananas's aforementioned lap. At Obligatory Clubbing Night, Aneesa throws a drink at Kelly Anne.Where we left off last week: The losing Blue team is trying to figure out who they're sending into the Pit.Thomas has used "and I" correctly before, so he has been designated this season's Brain Trust.

Prior to the final challenge, Devenanzio and Patterson swore up and down that they’d split the winnings if they triumphed.And after devouring a host of disgusting animal parts, problem-solving to trigger a dazzlingly fiery chain reaction, thriving through an all-night endurance test, and climbing to the summit of a massive mountain, their team won Rivals 3.