5 things you need to know about dating a journalist 10 minute dating podcast

29-Sep-2019 13:02

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The Internet can be a wonderful reporting tool for journalists.

Data that once was only found in paper documents can now often be accessed with the click of a mouse, and research that once took hours or days can be done in minutes.

Smartphones prick the primitive human impulse for appreciation—self-replication in order to be seen, known, and loved—through constant contact with other seekers of affirmation.

This is one reason why we find it so hard to put our phones away.

With that in mind, here are eight ways to tell if a website is reliable.1.

Look for Sites from Established Institutions The internet is full of websites that were started five minutes ago.

My intelligent friend, my alert wingman, and my ever-ready collaborator.

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She wants to do background research and analyze your digital footprint. If she represents a cosmetic dentist and posts smile makeover photos all day on Instagram, don’t be shocked if she starts staring at your teeth during dinner and suddenly weaves Invisalign into the conversation.It’s our job to create an end state and reverse engineer it through strategic PR planning. Publicists don’t land clients in national media outlets by sitting quietly. PR girls are well versed in media and train their clients to speak in sound bites as well. For example, if there is breaking news of a train crash because a train conductor has sleep apnea, you may say, “That is so terrible.” She will say, “My client is a sleep apnea specialist and needs to be putting out tips on how to detect the early signs of sleep apnea to prevent future crashes.” While you passively read the news, she is actively thinking about how to insert her client into the story. She is a better lawyer than you are (even though she didn’t go to law school). Often, you may wonder if you are dating a lawyer instead of a publicist. Her idea of five minutes and your idea of five minutes are not the same thing. This is what makes them so successful in their career.

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