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His success in doing so proved to be one of the more instrumental moments in the history of navigation.He subsequently made two other voyages to India, and was appointed as Portuguese viceroy in India in 1524.Mrs Mc Cann was also asked why she had said she had "let Madeleine down" after she vanished and why she left the twins to raise the alarm. 2- Did you search inside the master bedroom wardrobe?The mother-of-three took her daughter's favourite stuffed toy Cuddle Cat along as mascot, a talisman she carried throughout the first months of Madeleine's disappearance. (she replied that she wouldn’t answer) 3- (shown 2 photographs of her bedroom wardrobe) Can you describe its contents?Explorer Vasco da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal, around 1460.In 1497, he was commissioned by the Portuguese king to find a maritime route to the East.When he was old enough, young Vasco da Gama joined the navy, where was taught how to navigate.

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9- When you raised the alarm at the ‘Tapas’ what exactly did you say and what were your exact words?They are an excellent source of names, dates, places, and relationships.Civil Registration has been kept from 1832 to the present.10- What happened after you raised the alarm in the ‘Tapas’? 14- Did anyone outside of the group learn of Madeleine’s disappearance in those following minutes?

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11- Why did you go and warn your friends instead of shouting from the verandah? 15- Did any neighbour offer you help after the disappearance? 17- Did Jane tell you that night that she’d seen a man with a child?This makes a lot of intuitive sense: why bother with fake weed or dangerous designer drugs when you can get the real stuff?